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What is Subcutaneous Fat and how to get rid of it?

Updated: Aug 24

Visceral and Subcutaneous Fat Diagram Appleton
Visceral and Subcutaneous Fat Diagram

Subcutaneous Fat is the layer of fat cells between your skin and muscle. It is often called stubborn fat and can normally be pinched or squeezed by your hands and fingers.

It is different that Visceral Fat which is the fat surrounding your organs and the two area area separated by your muscle tissue.

While Subcutaneous Fat is normally harmless, it has a large impact on how people look and feel in their own bodies and its prominence is what motivates many people to start or ramp up their diet and exercise routines.

Why is Subcutaneous Fat stubborn?

When is diet and exercise plan is implemented, Visceral Fat is burned first, then the subcutaneous fat second. As you continue, your overall weight and dimensions may decrease, but that pinchable layer of subcutaneous fat can be the last to be burned, which causes it to be stubborn to burn.

Some Popular Ways to Get Rid of Subcutaneous Fat?

  1. Lifestyle changes*

  2. Try curbing carbs instead of fats

  3. Think eating plan, not diet

  4. Keep moving

  5. Lift weights

  6. Become a label reader (know what you're eating)

  7. Move away from processed foods

  8. Focus on the way your clothes fit more than reading a scale

  9. Hang out with health-focused friends

  10. Weight Loss Drugs/injections**

  11. Semaglutide is only approved for weight loss under the brand name Wegovy

  12. Studies show 50% of people lose 15% of body weight and 33% lost 20%

  13. Studies show weight returns if you stop taking the drug

  14. Partner with a qualified physician for risks, benefits and ongoing monitoring

  15. Bariatric surgery***

  16. BMI of 35 or greater, check your BMI from the CDC HERE

  17. Other attempts at lifestyle changes have been unsuccessful

  18. Numerous risks and complications to discuss with your physician

  19. Hi-Definition Liposuction (Funsculpting)

  20. Permanently removes fat from target area

  21. No surgery required (minimally invasive-in clinic procedure)

  22. Lower cost and shorter downtime than other forms of surgical fat removal

  23. Benefits and risks should be discussed with a qualified physician

For people trying to get rid of stubborn subcutaneous fat, they should research options and discuss with their physician to evaluate the risks and benefits involved.

Contributors include:

Wish Lane Aesthetics


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***Mayo Clinic

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