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What Is FunSculpting?

FunSculpting is a fat removal and fat transfer system. It is classified as High Definition Liposuction and is different from other fat removal technologies in that it does NOT cut, burn, rip, freeze, or tear the fat, nor the connective tissue, underlying blood vessels, nerve endings, or fascia bands. The system utilizes a dull tipped cannula and infrasonic vibration to create a harmonic wave that gently, quickly, safely and permanently dislodges the fat cells while keeping the connected tissue, nerves and vascular bundles intact. FunSculpting technology helps create a low pain procedure without the need for anesthesia sedation. It also stimulates the production of collagen in the treated area for up to six months after treatment, which aides in skin tightening and improving the smoothness of results.

How much does Funsculpting cost?

In Appleton, Funsculpting costs $2,750 for 1 area. 1 area can be belly fat removal, arm fat removal, double chin removal, thigh fat removal, etc. Adding additional areas drops the price significanlty.

How much Fat does Liposuction Remove?  How much Fat does FunSculpting Remove?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recommends no more than 5 Liters of Fat should be removed per session for both Liposuction and Funsculpting.

Is FunSculpting Painful?

Most patients experience some pain during the procedure and you will be sore for a couple days afterwards comparable to after a strong workout. No post procedure narcotics are given and patients report sufficient comfort levels with Tylenol. Normal daily activities can be resumed as tolerated, normally a few days after the procedure.

Is FunSculpting Safe?

As an FDA approved device and procedure, any and all complications from Fun Sculpting must be reported to the FDA. To date, there has NEVER been a death, skin necrosis, or embolism from Fun Sculpting.

What Areas Of The Body Can Be Treated with FunSculpting?

Just about every area can be safely treated including abs, flanks, inner/outer thighs, calves, arms, backs, necks, and chins. The system is also routinely used to reduce both male and female breasts.

How Long Will I Have To Be Off Work & What Kind Of Restrictions Will I Have?

Most patients take the next day off work to relax and recover. Home office workers normally work the next day. Manual labor jobs will return to work after a few days and have restricted activities for a week or two. Everyone tolerates pain and recovery different, talk about your individual circumstances during your consultation.

What Can I Expect?

Before the procedure: The day of the procedure, your provider can offer you up to 1 mg of Ativan if needed for anxiety. Otherwise, the procedure is performed in the office with only local anesthesia by a trained Nurse Practitioner. The lack of intravenous sedation reduces operative time by 40% over traditional liposuction and laser assisted procedures. During the procedure: You will be awake the entire time. You can sleep, read, listen to music, play games on your phone, etc. (although no pictures or videos will be allowed during the procedure). You will feel some gentle pressure and vibration but not pain. After the procedure: Immediately following your procedure, you will be able to look at your results (keep in mind there is a great deal of fluid used during the procedure so there will be some swelling initially). You will then be dressed in a compression garment. This garment MUST be worn for 24/7 for 2 weeks and then 12 hours a day for 2 weeks. This is VITAL in healing and optimizing results! Since no general anesthesia is used, you will be able to walk out on your own right after your procedure but you should have a driver to take you home (especially if you take Ativan prior to the procedure). You will be tired and should rest for a couple hours once you get home. Later that day, you should take a shower and a walk (1-2 miles are suggested) to help with drainage. Most patients feel tender and sore in the treated areas, as if they had worked out extensively, but this discomfort resolves within a few days after the procedure. Entry points are 3mm punch sites that close naturally in 24 hours. They will be covered in bandaids and do not require sutures.

How Long Before I See Results?

You will see some results immediately after the procedure. Tightening of the procedure area continues over the next 30 days with about 60% of results being visible within 2 weeks. The skin tightening is natural and permanent (with weight maintenance). In contrast, heat induced skin tightening lasts less than a year. Some areas will not tighten as much as others (simply due to gravity - such as arms). Also, if large volumes of fat are removed, the skin cannot fully retract but the skin will tighten up considerably. Clients must wear compression garments as directed to ensure optimal skin tightening. Irregularities in the skin present before the procedure (such as stretch marks or dimpling) will not necessarily be removed through the procedure but you will see a generalized improvement in the contour of the treated area.

Does The Fat Come Back?

No, after your Fun Sculpting treatment, the fat cells will never regenerate in the treated area as they are literally no longer in your body. With weight maintenance, the fat removal and skin tightening is permanent. Also, unlike other fat removal procedures, you will not have to have repeated treatments on the same area.

So Why Is Fun Sculpting Better Than Other "Fat Removal" Procedures?

Shorter treatment times (up to 40% faster than other procedures) Increased patient safety Less patient downtime Less bruising and swelling No burning or scarring of skin since no heat is generated Smoother, more beautiful results No general anesthesia needed Vibration stimulated pain control during procedure All skin types can be treated Natural skin retraction and tightening More cost effective than Cool Sculpting or Liposuction No need for multiple procedures No sutures

What Else Can Fun Sculpting Do? Can It Do Breast Or Butt Implants??

YES! The Fun Sculpting System is the safest, fastest, and most efficient method of fat transfer. The system not only has the highest cell viability, but it is also a closed loop system. This means that the fat literally never leaves the cannister! Other modalities spin the fat (because it is loaded with blood from their procedure) which further damages the cells. The fat is then manually transferred and drawn up in syringes, exposing it to air and possible contamination. Then a needle is then attached to the syringe and the fat is blindly injected into the patient via ratchet gun. Not only is cell viability compromised, but resorption and dispersion of the fat is uneven. This leads to poor results and risk of injecting fat into a vein or artery; inducing a fat embolism which could kill the patient. (This is a fact - not a marketing ploy.) So, how is Fun Sculpting different? Simple! The machine was literally made with fat transfer as a possible function. We literally change the cannula, reverse the pump and infuse the fat back into the patient using the same vibration technology. Cell viability for Fun Sculpting is 90% as opposed to less than 50% with other technologies. The fat is so pure that the FDA has approved Fun Sculpting to use it to harvest stem cells! This amazing technology offers patients who seek breast or butt augmentations a natural alternative to traditional surgical silicone or saline implants.

Should I get Funsculpting before, during or after starting a weight loss plan.

Funsculpting is NOT a Weight Loss Treatment, but typically works best at the begining of a weight loss program. Removing the excess fat builds tremendous confidence and momentum to set you up for success. It will also provide skin tightening to the treatment area lowering the amount of saggy skin one may experience after significant weight loss. If you have already lost a lot of weight and need to remove excess skin, Funsculpting will not help and we can refer you to a plastic surgeon for a tummy tuck.

How does Funsculpting compare to CoolSculpting®, Cryosliming or EMSculpt®?

CoolSculpting®, Cryosliming or EMSculpt® are all EXTERNAL methods of fat reduction that use technology to kill off fat cells slowly over time. They work well but usually require many sessions over months. Funsculpting goes below the skin to remove the stubborn fat cells in 1 day.

How much do Fat Transfers cost?

In Appleton, Funsculpting Natural Fat Transfers cost $3,000. Fat Transfer Breast Augmentations cost $3,000. Fat Transfer Brazilian Butt Lifts BBL cost $3,000. Filling a Hip Dip costs $3,000. Fat must be taken from another area of your body, belly fat is best for Fat Transfers.

When can I resume exercise after FunSculpting?

Everyone tolerates pain and recovery different. Walking should resume the next day. Moderate exercize that does not engage your core can resume after 3-4 days. After 1 week, your body is ready to ease back into your fitness activities as you can tolerate. Listen to your body and don't overdo it.

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