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Before & After Pictures

100% Real Funsculpting Clients,
No Actors, No Gimmicks, Real Results

Lipo 360 + Fat Transfer to Chest

Patient received Funsculpting HD Liposuction to belly, sides and back with a natural fat transfer chest lift.  4" reduction on waistline at Appleton clinic.

Before & After Lipo360

Abs & Flanks HD Liposuction

Permanent Fat Removal of belly and love handles with Funsculpting.

Before after Liposuction Woman Abs and Flanks

Woman Abs Fat Removal

Patient received Funsculpting HD liposuction to remove stubborn belly fat.

Women liposcution abs & flanks before after pictures Appleton, WI

Mommy Makeover Funsculpting

Patient received multiple sessions of Funsculpting to remove stubborn subcutaneous fat from thighs, belly, sides, back and chest to obtain the look she wanted.

Mommy Makeover liposcution wisconsin before and after picture

HD Liposuction Thighs

Removed stubborn thigh fat from client with Funsculpting HD Liposuction permanent fat removal.

woman thigh liposuction before and after funsculpting Green Bay

Neck Fat Removal

Removed neck fat from patient double chin for a more natural look with Funsculpting.

non-binary double chin removal liposuction funsculpting Appleton

Brazilian Butt Lift BBL

Augmented shape and density of the client's buttocks with a Funsculpting Natural Fat Transfer BBL Brazilian Butt Lift.

Brazilian Butt Lift BBL Fat Transfer Appleton WIsconsin WI

Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Transfer BBL

Permanently removed stubborn belly fat with Funsculpting and place in booty for a Natural Fat Transfer BBL Brazilian Butt Lift.

Brazilian Butt Lift BBL Oshkosh before and after

Back Fat Removal

Removed stubborn back fat from patient back and bra rolls in 1 session with Funsculpting.

Back wings bra line funsculpting liposuction Appleton before and after picture

Large BMI 360Lipo 1 session

Removed 4 Liters of fat in one session from large BMI patient which is the maximum amount recommended by American Society of Plastic Surgeons for Liposuction.  Image from a 3D scan.

Large BMI 360 Liposuction Appleton

Senior Woman Abs & Sides Funsculpting 

HD Liposuction targeted stubborn belly and side subcutaneous fat deposits for a more shapely look in 1 day.

Senior woman Abs Flanks Liposuction

Liposuction Appleton

Client reduced belly circumference by 2.5 inches in 1 session at our Appleton clinic with Funsculpting HG Lipo.

belly lipo before & after pictures Appleton

Lipo360 Funsculpting

Patient received Funsculpting HD liposuction to abs, sides and back.  3" reduction to waistline at Fox Valley clinic.

before after Lipo360 pictures

Male Belly Fat Removal

Patient received Funsculpting to remove male abdomen fat at Appleton/Green Bay/Oshkosh clinic.

Before after men abs liposcution

Abs & Flanks HD Liposuction

Patient received Funsculpting treatment to remove stubborn belly fat around midsection.

woman belly fat removal  liposuction Fox Valley near me

Male Abs Fat Removal and Male Breast Reduction

Patient received Funsculpting to remove stubborn fat over abs and reduce size of man boobs.

Male Abs and man boob reduction before after picture liposcution funsculpting Appleton

Double Chin Fat Removal

Removed stubborn, sagging shin fat from patient neck for a slimmer and sleeker jawline with Funsculpting.

woman double chin removal liposuction Oshkosh before after pictures

Breast Augmentation

Funsculpting removed fat from client belly and transferred it to her chest which increased breast size by a full cup with Funsculpting in 1 session.

Breast augmentation fat transfer funsculpting Appleton breast lift

Natural Fat Transfer Brazilian Butt Lift

Removed Fat from client abdomen and placed in buttocks to augment shape and density with a Funsculpting Natural Fat Transfer BBL Brazilian Butt Lift.

Brazilian Butt Lift BBL profile view before & after Funsculpting Green Bay

Chest Augmentation

Removed stubborn belly fat from abdomen and placed in chest for a natural breast augmentation that increased bra size a full cup without silicone or artificial implants.

chest lift breast augmentation boob job natural fat transfer funsculpting Appleton

Lipo360 Funsculpting

Funsculpting permanently removed stubborn fat from belly, love handles and back in 1 session.

Lipo 360 Body Sculpting liposuction funsculpting Appleton Wi

Woman Abs HD Lipo Funsculpting

Funsculpting targeted stubborn belly fat and removed it in 1 session with precision and minimal downtime.

Woman Abs 10.png

Belly Fat Removal

Belly Fat Removal in Appleton reduced client waistline 3 inches in 1 day.  HD Liposuction lipo360 before and after photo.

HD lipo360 before after picture
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